The Roofs of Solvang

T he nearby town of Solvang is a big tourist town attracting people from all over the world. It offers me some interesting photo opportunities and also a great opportunity to practive my Chinese with the visitors from China. Everyone who comes there seems relaxed and simply glad to enjoy a Danish pastry or perhaps a casual stroll about town.

E very aspect of the architecture is strictly controlled in the few blocks that compose the 'downtown area'. As a previous shop owner there I can say that even though the rules seem quite restrictive, they DO make for a consistent and appealing look for the town. People come here for the look, the 'feel', and the Danish pastries, so in the end it benefits all the businesses. Scattered about town are a few windmills but I particularly enjoy the roofs. They are mostly of traditional 'old-world' design and materials. Storks and weather vanes of all sorts decorate the rooftops.

H ere are a few photos of the downtown area and the 'Roofs of Solvang'. Enjoy.

The Classic 'Framed Postcard View' of Solvang
The Big Windmill on Alisal Road
The Rooflines of Various Styles on Alisal Road
A Brick Facade & Notched Shingles Roof on Copenhagen Drive
The Brick Facade of the Clock Tower on First Street
The Clock Tower on First Street
Gabled Roofs and Notched Shingles on Mission Drive
More Gables and a Stork on Mission Drive
Copper 'Doglike' Creatures Creep Down From Above
Public Address Speakers Hide in the Eaves
Mermaid Fountain
Peaceful Water Splash
Viking Weather Vane
Sailboat Weather Vane
A Traditional Thatched Roof
Classic Tudor Style Architecture
A Winmill on a Roof
Storks on Copenhagen Drive
Hans Christian Anderson Weather Vane (West is missing!)
Another Stork's Nest and Notched Shingles
Stork with Young and Observatory Tower in Background on Alisal Road
Replica of Copenhagen Observatory ~ Solvang