Desert Petroglyphs

P etroglyphs are shapes chiseled into the hard Desert Varnish of exposed rock, revealing the lighter-colored base stone underneath. They are estimated to be on the order of 10,000 years old. Their true meanings have drifted away on the dry desert winds, forever lost. We can only speculate on their significance.

A  s I walked among them, I knew I was in a sacred place. My only company - a lone coyote or a curious raven. Petroglyphs exist in incredibly remote places and THAT is their salvation. It took me years to find these. Their locations are NOT public knowledge. It is hard to describe the feeling of placing one's hand in a hand Petroglyph a hundred centuries old! There is a connection. The ancients were every bit as smart as us, only their focus was different. As you view them, imagine a soft dry wind breathing in your ears.

Prominent Petroglyphs on a Canyon Wall - Their Meanings, A Hundred Centuries Gone
A Large Group of Ancient Petroglyphs - Notice the Faded Ones in the Hollows on the Left
More Petroglyphs Chiseled into the 'Desert Varnish'
Many More Petroglyphs Appear as One Ascends the Rocks
Desert Petroglyphs on 'Varnished' Rocks
Petroglyphs on a Rockfall at the Base of a Canyon
Desert Petroglyphs Along a Canyon Base
Ever More Petroglyphs Higher Up Along a Steep Canyon Wall
Petroglyphs Chiseled on Sandstone Base Rocks
Some Petroglyphs Almost Disappear When Just a Short Distance Away
Petroglyphs Near a Canyon Rim
Overview of a Petroglyph Site
Petroglyphs Overlooking a Wide Desert Valley
Rare Surviving Petrographs Under A Large Boulder
More Petrographs Under A Large Boulder