Desert Rats & Divers (2004)
I   have loved poetry ever since I first read The Cremation of Sam McGee and The Shooting of Dan McGrew by Robert W. Service. He was the major inspiration for most of my poetry. I would recite them in my mind when I hiked in the mountains to pass the time.

A lso, Bret Harte is one of my favorites and a fun read for sure but he was often NOT politically correct. I wonder if his poems would even be published if written today?

I   continue to write poetry whenever inspired. In 2004 I published a collection of 39 of my poems in a book, Desert Rats & Divers. It is Copyrighted and Recorded with the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., where two copies reside for posterity.

Robert Service
The Wanderlust
The Men That Don't Fit In
My Madonna
Bret Harte
Plain Language from Truthful James
The Spelling Bee At Angels
The Lost Galleon

Edgar Allan Poe is a favorite poet of mine, although he can be a bit dark. The love (and loss) poem Annabel Lee (1849) moves me profoundly, perhaps because I too am in love with an Annie Lee. It was the last poem that Poe ever wrote. I consider it his finest effort.
My Favorite Painting of Annabel Lee

There Will Come Soft Rains (1920) by Sara Teasdale, reminds me of the first time I read the short story of the same name by Ray Bradbury in his book, The Martian Chronicles (1946). I recite it to myself every time I am in the rain. I love the rain. It cleanses and refreshes and absorbs the sharpness of the world. Rain renews my spirit and brings me great peace of mind. This is the very definition of Pluviophile.

Stop All the Clocks by W.H. Auden is part of a greater work and speaks of a great personal loss and is very moving.

The Trail's End (1934) written by Bonnie Parker of Bonnie & Clyde fame is a ballad that foretells their bloody demise.

Other Favorite Poems
Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe
There Will Come Soft Rains by Sara Teasdale
Stop All the Clocks by W.H. Auden
The Trail's End by Bonnie Parker
Words I Like
• Antipodes - opposite points on the surface of a globe   Info on Antipodes Island

• Circumambulate - walk completely around something

• Diametrically - completely opposite in every way

• Eclectic - deriving ideas, styles, and tastes from diverse sources

• Erudite - displaying great knowledge and learning

• Pluviophile - someone who loves rain and draws comfort and peace of mind from rain

• Polymath - a person of wide-ranging knowledge and learning

• Ubiquitous - existing everywhere

Some Popular Latin
• ad infinitum - 'endlessly'

• bona fide - 'in good faith', 'genuine'

• carpe diem - 'seize the day'

• deus ex machina - 'GOD from machine'

• i.e. - id est, 'that is to say' or 'in other words'

• e.g. - exempli gratia, which means 'for example'

• etc. - et cetera, 'more of the same'

• meritus indignus - 'merit unworthy'

• nonpareil - having no equal, beyond compare

• P.S. - post script, meaning 'after the writing'

• quid pro quo - 'something for something'

• sic - 'exactly as written or used'

• temet nosce - 'know yourself'

• tempus fugit - 'time flies'

• vice versa - 'conversely'

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

• cum laude - 'with distinction'

• magna cum laude - 'with great distinction'

• summa cum laude - 'with highest distinction'