Lompoc, California

L ompoc is a quiet town a few miles inland from the Pacific Ocean. The town is famous for it's flower fields which dazzle the eyes and perfume the air. On the last weekend of June, Lompoc hosts its annual Flower Festival complete with a parade, carnival, and local crafts. In the 1962 Flower Festival Parade, the Grand Marshal was the beautiful movie star Jayne Mansfield. She rode in the parade sitting on top of the rear seat of a white Ford Thunderbird convertible. Jayne Mansfield in Lompoc Parade
Lompoc Flower Field ~ West of Town
Lompoc Flower Field ~ East of Town
Yellow Delphiniums
Lompoc Flower Field Preparing for Harvesting
Closeup of One of the 300 species of Delphinium
Delphinium consolida
White Delphinium
Pink Delphiniums
Violet Delphiniums
Photographers in Lompoc Flower Field
A Fresh Crop Of Flowers
A Mature Flower Field - These Will Be Harvested For Their Seeds
June Lompoc Flower Field
Another Lompoc Flower Field
USS Delphy Propeller
Propeller from USS Delphy - From nearby Honda Point Disaster of 1923
Propeller from USS Delphy - From nearby Honda Point Disaster of 1923
Surf Beach
The Coast Train Stops at Surf Beach
Dune Plants at Surf Beach
Surf Beach Waves
Lompoc Area Birds
California Thrasher, Toxostoma redivivum ~ Ocean Beach Park, Lompoc
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Snowy Plover (Charadrius nivosus) and (larger) Ruff (Philomachus pugnax) ~ Surf Beach