Jalama Beach

A long the far reaches of the westernmost part of Santa Barbara County is a remote access point to the Pacific Ocean. It is an expansive stretch of pristine coastline called Jalama Beach (pronounced ha-la-ma). The beach is 20 miles from the nearest town via a narrow, two-lane road that winds up, around, and over the California Coastal Range. The beach is walled in by 100 foot vertical cliffs of sandstone and dried topsoil within which are some very interesting stones.

I   am drawn here by the remoteness of the coast and the raw, unchecked power of the Ocean Waves and the nearly constant Westerly Winds - the freshest air on earth. Also scattered along the northernmost accessible part of the beach are some truly beautiful beach stones. These stones tell of the tortured geologic past of this coast.
Jalama Beach
Jalama Beach At Low Tide
Jalama Beach Cliffs
Uplifted Sedimentary Rocks ~ Northernmost Area Of Beach
Natural Beach Art
A Beautiful Stone World For Two Small Tidepools
A Tortured Geologic Past
A Fracture Line And The Plastic Flow Of Sedimentary Rock
More Jumbled Sedimentary Layers
Beach Boulder
Two Sedimentary 'Flows' Meet
Patterns In A Beach Boulder
A Variety of Stones In Jalama Creek
Western Snowy Plovers, Charadrius alexandrinus nivosus ~ Near The Waves
Western Snowy Plovers, Charadrius alexandrinus nivosus
American Coots, Fulica americana ~ Jalama Creek