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V iew my Anaglyph Images with a pair of RED / BLUE 3D glasses. If family or friends need a FREE pair, just e-Mail me. My FAVORITES display BEFORE the other groups. Please enjoy. Read How 3D Works ⬇
Cailfornia Coast
Plants & Crops
Flight Museum
Golf Courses
Cailfornia Scenes
My 3D Cameras
😊 My Favorites 😊
California Gray Whale Sea Center, SB
The Gaviota Coastline Looking West
The Gaviota Coastline Looking East
Lake Tahoe From Emerald Bay
Sand Dunes East of Death Valley
The Flower Fields of Lompoc
Fox Tail Agave ~ Agave attenuata
Kalanchoe thyrsiflora ~ Flapjack Plant
Sweet Corn
Yucca Plant ~ Yucca reverchonii
Mediterranean Dwarf Palm ~ Chamaerops humilis
La Purisima Golf Course
Rocket Nozzle
USS Delphy Propeller ~ 'Honda Point Disaster'
🐚 California Coastline 🐚
Vista Display ~ Gaviota Coastline
Gaviota Coastline Display ~ Looking East
The Cool Retro-Futuristic Scopes
The Goodyear Blimp & A Retro-Futuristic Scope
Gaviota Beach Driftwood
Pirates Cove ~ Avila
Pirates Cove
Balance Rocks ~ Pirates Cove
🌿 Plants & Crops 🌿
Coastal Forest in the Rain
Water Cascade
Garden Artichokes
Grass Plant
Lompoc Flower Field in June
Coast Live Oak ~ Quercus agrifolia
Grapes On The Vine ~ Los Alamos
Walnuts ~ Lompoc
Lettuce Field ~ Guadalupe
Celery Field ~ Harris Canyon, Lompoc
Young Avocado Trees ~ Goleta
Watering A New Crop ~ Lompoc
Museum of Flight
Museum of Flight ~ Santa Maria
P51 Mustang Models ~ Museum of Flight
F4 Phantom Jet and 'Rocketeer' Movie Hangar
A4 Skyhawk
Eight Foot RC Plane & Wright Brothers Glider
Movie Prop from 'Flight of the Phoenix'
🏌 Golf Courses 🏌
La Purisima Golf Course Fairway
La Purisima Hole 3 Tee Box
La Purisima Lake
Ball Washer, Greens & Lake
La Purisima Hole 4 Green
La Purisima Front Nine
Hole 9 Tee Box
Eucalyptus Trees ~ Marshallia Golf Course
Rancho Maria Golf Course
🌄 California Scenes 🌄
The Desolate Saline Valley
Joshua Tree National Monument
A Quiet Swimmin' Hole ~ Coastal Creek
A 'Library' In The Woods
A Place to Sit and Reflect
Goleta Railroad Depot - Built in 1901
Caboose Coupling ~ Old Goleta Depot
A Beam From The Twin Towers ~ Rosemead
Ship Rigging ~ San Francisco
📷 My Stereo Cameras 📷
1950s David White 35mm Stereo Realist w/ Range Finder
Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D ~ Model W3
FinePix Real 3D ~ Model W3 ~ Lenticular Display
~ How 3D Works ~
W e have two eyes. A stereo camera emulates this by taking two pictures, a left one and a right one. The trick is to somehow allow each eye to only see the appropriate Left & Right image. One way this Stereo-Pair of images can be combined is by using Red & Blue filters. This method creates a single image known as an Anaglyph that can be viewed using Red / Blue glasses. This process works best for neutral tones like greens & browns. For 3D images of scenery like trees & rocks, there is minimal color distortion.

I   have taken stereo pictures since 1971 when I bought my first Stereo Realist Camera from a friend. It used standard 35mm slide film and I was able to get 28 pictures per roll. At that time one could go to the corner drugstore and have Kodak process the film into side X side Stereo Slides in cardboard mounts. Those days are long gone. However, now there are Digital Stereo Cameras and they are very cool indeed. My favorite is the FujiFilm Finepix REAL 3D W3.

• Kudos to Apple for their awesome 3D graphics program XstereO. Awesome!

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