Shanghai, China (上海) ~ Modern Meets Ancient

S hanghai is a very cosmopolitan city and also a city of great contrasts. Shanghai (上海) means 'up from the ocean'. Here you have the greatest chance of meeting people actually from other countries. Shanghai and its many districts occupy an area roughly equal to the entire area of Santa Barbara County! There are 23 million people in Shanghai and more arriving daily. The government is building housing at incredible speed. The skylines are populated by giant cranes and entire stretches of city blocks are being replaced with modern 25+ story apartment buildings. There is a veritable army of taxis and buses running 24 ⁄ 7. The subways are immaculate and on-time and cost about 25 cents. The ubiquitous street vendors prepare food that is very tasty, cheap, and completely safe. Americans are treated with the greatest of respect, as is true everywhere throughout China.

Delicious Breakfast Eggs - Shanghai
Ubiquitous Electric Scooters - Shanghai, 2007
Recycler Worker Among Modern Citizens
Old Homes In The Shadow of the New
Roast Ducks And Meat
Clothes Drying From The Window Of An Older Apartment - Shanghai, 2007
Dinner Plans Resting On A Windowsill
A Fresh Fuit Vendor
On A Public Bus - Shanghai, 2007
A BBQ Pork Vendor Rests Under His Newspaper
Always A Great Assortment Of Bottled Teas
A Street Beggar - Shanghai
Modern Traffic Beside A Temple Park
Lü Gardens Shopping Area (which one is American? ans: only one blonde)
The Constant Crush Of Humanity
One Of Many Very Popular KFC Restaurants
Teahouse in Shanghai Park

Jade Buddha Temple 玉佛禅寺

Moon Gate - Inside The Jade Buddha Temple
Incense Area - Jade Buddha Temple
Prayer Ribbons on Temple Stone Lions
A Sea of Electric Scooters
Young Shoppers On Nan-Jing-Lu Walking Street
Nighttime Retro-Futuristic Nan-Jing-Lu, Shanghai
More Retro-Futuristic Shanghai
Fisherman, Mudflats, and Pagoda
Walkway to a Ferry Boat - Shanghai
Father & Son Fishing

Huang Shan 黄山 ~ Mountains of Clouds & Mist

The Overnight Train To Huang Shan
Transporting Road Ballast Rock Via Train Tracks
The Famous Balance Stone In The Huang Shan Mountains
A Peaceful Mountain Shrine
Huang Shan View On A Rare Sunny Day
Drynig Sheets On A Rare Sunny Day In The Huang Shan Mountains

Nan Ping ~ Ancient City

Water Buffalo On The Way To Nan Ping
Thousand Year Old Street In Nan Ping
'Double Happiness' Over A Door
Taking Afternoon Tea In Tun Xi
Pigs Ready For Market
Boys Playing In Ancient Nan Ping

Zhū Jiā Jiăo 朱家角 ~ Canal District

Zhu Jia Jiao District Bridge
Zhu Jia Jiao District Main Bridge

Zhu Jia Jiao Canal
Buddhist Temple - ZhuJiaJiao
'Hong Bian Fu' 红蝙蝠 (Red Bat - Most Lucky Symbol of All)