Museum of Flight - Santa Maria

T he Museum of Flight in nearby Santa Maria consists of a hangar converted from a movie prop of the film, The Rocketeer. Inside are memorabilia and props from the movie, and hundreds of model planes of all kinds, including a full size model of the first Wright Brothers glider. Also there is a section devoted to Charles Lindbergh, including the only remaining copy of his signed flight map from 1936. There are all manner of memorabilia dedicated to flight. Many of the models are Remote Control planes over 6 foot long.

O utside are several decommissioned jet aircraft, including an A4E Skyhawk and an F4 Phantom.

AE4 Skyhawk, F4 Phantom Jet, and Museum Hangar
The Converted 'Rocketeer' Movie Prop - Now a Real Hangar & Museum
The 'Flight of the Phoenix' Movie Prop
One of Many Donated RC Models Hangs from the Rafters
Partially Finished RC Model Showing Framework
Wright Brothers Full Size Glider Model
Only Remaining Copy of Signed Lindbergh Flight Map - 1936
A World War II Trainer - From the Old Airfield at Hancock College
An F4 Phantom Fighter Jet
Nose Shot of the F4 Phantom Fighter Jet
F4 Phantom Fighter Jet
Nose Shot of the A4E Skyhawk Attack Fighter - Plane Type Flown by Senator John McCain
Inside Hangar No. 2
P51 Mustang 8-foot RC Model
Small P51 Mustang Model
Airplane Model Galore
Airplane Nose Art
B-25 Bomber Model
Pilot Dedication Display
What Happens When a Pilot gets Bored
A Sit-In 'Wine-Barrel' Airplane Simulator
Cockpit of 'Wine-Barrel' Airplane
1941 Link Trainer ~ Over 500,000 Pilots Learned to Fly By Instruments on These
Discovery Space Shuttle Model Donated by NASA
Outside Garden Dedicated to Aviation Heroines
Main Entrance/Exit - Museum of Flight, Santa Maria