The Guadalupe Dunes

T he Guadalupe Dunes is a large dune system in Southern California extending approximately 18 miles along the coast, from about Pismo Beach to Point Sal. The dunes reach an elevation of about 500 feet. The sand is dry and not too fine. It's wonderful to walk on barefoot and brushes off easily. Contained within the Guadalupe Dunes System is a fresh water feature, Oso Flaco Lake, and also the estuary of the Santa Maria River which is home to hundreds of Pelicans and thousands of Sea Gulls and other shorebird spieces.

T he Dunes are open to the public only during daylight hours from October 1 to March 1. They remain closed the rest of the time as a protected nesting area of the Western Snowy Plover, which build their nests in special dune systems.

I n the nearby town of Guadalupe is a small, but excellent museum dedicated to the Dunes. They have a great exhibit about the 1923 Cecile de Mille movie, The Ten Commandments and the huge Egyptian movie set built on the dunes and buried there. They also have a cool Augmented Reality Sandbox.

Guadalupe Dunes
The Guadalupe Dunes Along The California Coast
A Squall Approaches From The Pacific Ocean
Pristine Sand Dunes Sculptured By The Wind
Sand Dunes & The Pacific
Wind Pattern On The Sand Dunes
Sand Dunes & The Pacific
The Guadalupe Sand Dunes ~ Looking Inland
A Set Of Pacific Waves Breaks On The Beach
Guadalupe Dunes Plants
Sea Bindweed Leaves, Calystegia soldanella   (1 inch diameter)
A Small Grouping Of Sea Bindweed, Calystegia soldanella
Yellow Sand Verbena, Abronia latifolia   (2 inches tall)
Sea Rocket, Cakile maritima
Sea Rocket Clusters, Cakile maritima
Ice Plant, Carpobrotus edulis
Guadalupe Dunes Birds
Heerman Gulls, Larus heermanni
Western Gulls, Larus occidentalis
Western Gulls Taking Flight, Larus occidentalis
Brown Pelicans, Pelecanus occidentalis
Brown Pelican Gliding Home, Pelecanus occidentalis
Great Blue Heron, Ardea herodias
Great Blue Heron In Flight (Avila), Ardea herodias
Western Snowy Plovers, Charadrius alexandrinus nivosus
Western Snowy Plovers, Charadrius alexandrinus nivosus
Gulls Taking Flight