Rock n Roll Diner

O ceano is a small town in San Luis Obispo County along the California Coast. From it you may access the Pismo Beach Sand Dunes, a Monarch Butterfly Grove of Eucalyptus trees, and a unique two-car railroad diner that has been transformed back into it's previous glory as a 1950's Diner. Inside it is clean, well lit, 1950's themed, and the service is great. They serve excellent American, Greek, and Mexican foods including their own BBQ meats. In the background 1950's classics play over the speakers. It's a wonderful place to visit. As you walk inside you travel back to that simpler time, an upbeat decade of prosperity and good music. It's a fun trip. Rock and Roll Diner Website

Inside the Rock n Roll Diner Aft Dining Car
Betty Boop in the Rock n Roll Diner
The Forward 'Bar' Car
Immaculate Booths Await You
Themed Tables Of Course
Classic Homemade Burgers
Ceiling Lined with Period Posters
Marilyn Greets You at the Diner
Rock n Roll Diner - Oceano
Rock n Roll Diner - Oceano