Desert Travels

I   love exploring the Deserts of the American Southwest. I have spent many days alone poking through the remotest corners glimpsing their secrets. The desert is a spiritual experience for me. I have seen Pupfish in the Amargosa River and Sand Dunes to rival the Sahara. The single ubiquitous presence was the absolute silence. It is powerful and surrounds you completely. It forces you to be humble. You can hear a person breathe 100 yards away and if you are alone, you can hear the blood flowing through your ears! These are a few of the thousands of photgraphs I've taken, coverted from 35mm slides. So much to explore.
Pristine Sand Dunes
Sand Dunes and the Desert Floor
The Amargosa River
Amargosa River Crossing
Death Valley from Dante's View
The Desolate and Beautiful Mesquite Valley
Yucca Plant in Mesquite Valley
A Lone Road Cuts Through a Remote Section of the Southwest
A Drying Mud Flat Curls Like Paper
A Modern Signpost for an Historic Crossroad
A Rainbow in the Desert
A Desert Sage Grows from the Rocks
A Fragrant Desert Sage
The Harsh Saline Valley Claims Another Victim
A 'Jumping' Cholla Cactus
Natural Cholla Cactus 'Garden'
The Cracked Desert Pan Soon After A Rain
Fresh Coyote Tracks & Raindrops After a Rare Storm
Sharp Chiseled Salt Rocks of The Devil's Golf Course in Death Valley
Pure Salt Crystals Regrow After a Brief Rainstorm
Badwater, Death Valley (Elevation: -282 feet), Lowest Point in Western Hemisphere
A Lonely High Desert Graveyard
Artist's Palette in Death Valley
Devil's Cornfield in Death Valley
The Tecopa Badlands - 500,000 Year Old Sediments
600 Foot Deep Canyon de Chelly and The Anasazi 'White House' Ruins
Anasazi 'White House' Ruins in Canyon de Chelly
Anasazi 'White House' Ruins from the Canyon Floor
Rain Water Pools on the Rim of Canyon de Chelly
Canyon de Chelly
Rock Spires in Canyon de Chelly
The Saline Valley Hot Springs
Geo-thermal Pool Beside a Fresh Water Creek - East of the Sierra Nevada
Mushroom Rock in Death Valley
A True Oasis - China Ranch
Date Palms - China Ranch Oasis
Joshua Trees and Boulders in the High Desert
A Rare Event - Blooming Ocotillo (Fouquieria splendens)
The Alabama Hills and Mount Whitney (14,495 feet)
Barker Dam - A Rare Natural Rain Water Basin
So Many Cool Rocks to Hike Among
A Trout Stream Drains the Eastern Sierra Nevada on the Desert's Edge - Anyone for Fishing?
Ancient Wupatki Pueblo Ruins (circa 1100) in the High Arizona Desert
Wupatki Pueblo Beside a River Bed in Winter
Doorway in a Wupatki Pueblo
A Lonely Road Skirts the Mountains East of Death Valley