Bent Axle Car Show - Orcutt

A t this show in Old Town Orcutt I focused on my favorite part of old cars - the Hood Ornaments. Everything was made to look like it was flying. The sky was the limit then. Please enjoy.

1940s Style Chevrolet Hood Ornament & Grill
Proud Hood Ornaments
I Love the Art Deco Boldness
1957 Chevy 'Air Intakes'
Art Deco Flyer Ornament
A Buick V-8 Hood Ornament
1955 Chevy Hood with Airplane Ornament
Awesome Curves on a Woody Station Wagon
Bright Red & Chrome Engine
A Jumping Springbok Hood Ornament
A Jumping Springbok Hood Ornament
An Oldsmobile with Car Hop Tray
Closeup of Car Hop Tray
A 1950s Restored Truck with Car Hop Tray