Lompoc Car Show

T he following are from a small car show held in Lompoc in July of 2015. It was a beautiful clear summer day. I love the bold streamlines and the old hood ornaments which evolved from fancy radiator caps. Many car shapes in the 1950s & 1960s were designed to emulate flying and speed. They even had fake air scoops and fins. The sky was the limit! My hats off to the people who maintain these great oldies.

Lompoc Car Show - 2015
All Chromed - Even the Pipes
Hot Rod Ford with Winged Radiator Cap
Model A Ford with Flying Bird Radiator Cap
Dodge Brothers Radiator Cap
Winged Art Deco Style Hood Ornament
Hood Ornament on 55 Chevy
Flying Hood Ornament on 55 Chevy
Hood 'Intakes' on a 57 Chevy
Hood 'Intake' Chrome on a 57 Chevy
Monster Grill from the 1940s
Memories of Drive-Up Food Service
Fins & Fender Skirt on a 57 Chevy
Interior of a 57 Chevy Bel-Air
Super Clean Detailed Interior
68 Mustang GT Interior
Detailed Engine of a Modern Mustang
Star Wars Detailing on a Dodge Muscle Car